As a Zweatit partner, you are a gym or training facility committed to excellence—without compromise--and one that wants more business with minimal to no cost involved. Here’s how our app helps expand your visibility

Be found

by entering our network you will be connected to all our users for free

New Members

We connect you with company employees and day to day users

No cost

Being partner is free

Increase revenue

The more Zweatit grows, the more exposure you get, which equals more income

Become a Partner

Don't have time?

Tell us abut your gym and we can publish it for you

What does this mean? Using your public information (website, Facebook, etc.) the Zweatit team will build your gym in the app to be exposed to our users! Confirmation email with further instructions will be sent after published for confirmation.

If you wish to get more info, please send us a message through our contact form.

Question & Answers for our Partners

How do I put my gym or class in Zweatit?

Just sign up! While making your account profile you can add your gym and classes.

On the App and webpage there is a mode called “My Gym Mode” located on the home page, settings and menu. Here you can edit your profile to add your fitness center, offer classes if you are an instructor, or list one-time sport classes around your city.

How do I get my money when I sell a class or pass through Zweatit?

Easy! In My Gym mode you have access to your reservations, and your balance. All you need to do is request your money, and we will make the transfer or send you a check.

Do I have control of the information on my gym and the classes I sell?

Yes! When creating your gym, you control the info you input, the pictures you show and the number of classes and schedule.